Fire Authority Compliance

Important reminder for business owners to respond to Fire Authorities

The case below highlights the importance of responding to any requests from the Fire Service within the specified timeframe. When it comes to fire safety, it is always best to try and work with the authorities to reach an agreeable solution, rather than sweep your problems under the carpet, or rather, under the pile of used cardboard stacked behind the fire door. This will only lead to trouble and/or fines in the long run.

Safety Management (UK) has vast experience of dealing with local fire authorities across the UK, in fact our internal fire safety compliance team is headed up by a former Fire Officer and all of our assessors have served with a local authority fire service at some time. We are always happy to speak to the authorities on your behalf should you require it, just call our compliance team on 01524 784356.

A Swindon hotel owner has been fined after pleading guilty to failing to provide information to his local fire and rescue service.

The owner of the Ivy Hotel in Wroughton, Darioush Keynejad, failed to comply with a requirement to provide information requested by Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Inspectors required information that would allow them to properly assess standards of fire safety and to identify the responsible person.

Under article 27 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, failure to respond within a given time is an offence.

It is important for business owners to understand that the reform order doesn’t just cover breaches in fire safety and failures to carry out a proper risk assessment, but also requires them to respond to information when requested.

In this case, Mr Keynejad’s failure to respond led to a delay in assessing a ‘key element for the fire safety provisions at the Ivy Hotel,’ according to a statement from Wiltshire FRS.

The head of fire safety for Wiltshire FRS said: “It is important that the critical work of fire safety inspectors should not be delayed unduly by the need to gather information.

“Any failure of fire safety arrangements in non-domestic premises can endanger both employees and the public, particularly in premises that provide sleeping accommodation.”

He added: “This case highlights the need for anyone receiving formal requests for information from the fire service to co-operate fully by responding within the time required.”

In mitigation, Mr Keynejad said that he had become confused by the requirements placed on him to comply with both an enforcement notice and the information request.

He was ordered to pay £1265 including a fine of £500, £750 towards Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service’s costs and a £15 victim surcharge. Source: Info4Fire

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