Fire Risk Assessment - Social Housing

If you’re looking for some support in meeting your Fire Safety obligations, talk to us.

We are the largest provider of fire risk assessments in the UK and have been supporting social housing providers, large and small, in fulfilling their Fire Safety Order obligations since 2007. This includes providing fire risk assessments, supporting them in dealing with Enforcing Authorities and recommending best practices in fire safety within the Social Housing sector, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Since the July 2009 Lakanal House blaze, in which six people died, housing providers have become ever more aware of their duties and obligations and are looking to engage specialist companies to help them keep their tenants safe. You can benefit from our experience in working with social Housing Associations on projects both large and small.

Our assessors, most of whom have a Fire Service background, have many years social housing experience between them, we also have a ‘revolutionary’ internal training scheme that allows us to train our own fire risk assessors who already have a degree in Fire Engineering.

For your security we conform to BAFE SP 205 with regards to Quality Assurance in Fire Risk Assessment, as well as our assessors being members of industry recognised bodies such as the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Working in Social Housing, there are two significant guidance documents which are predominantly used;

Fire Safety In Purpose Built Flats: this guidance document provides fire risk assessors clear guidance and parameters to assess buildings that were built for this purpose.

LACORS: this guidance document covers residential units that have been converted at some time in their life to multi occupancy buildings, typically these would be Victorian Town houses now converted into six flats for example.

We know that for you, turning these projects around operationally is a struggle for many reasons. Our Operations Team is there to support you along the way. We understand the issues you will face and can help avoid them. So from making appointments to returning the completed assessments in the agreed format to an agreed timeframe you can be assured we are on your side. If you’d like our Operations Team to be an extension of your own project, then talk to us.

The strength of our team has allowed Safety Management (UK) to conduct around 6,000 fire risk assessments in 2011. The most challenging project we had to deliver was to undertake 1,100 fire risk assessments on individual buildings, produce reports and complete the project in 10 weeks. In the last two years, other large projects we have completed include 1,050 High Street Banks per annum, and social housing projects of: 1,070 properties; 800 properties; 700 properties and 650 properties.

Join the growing number of Housing Associations around the country who have chosen us to help them with their fire safety needs.

Call 01524 784356 to make an appointment so we can discuss your needs. We look forward to supporting you!

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