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Domestic Fires - The Hot Parade

Cleveland Fire Brigade unveils The Hot Parade of strange things people do which cause domestic fires.

Each year across Teesside, firefighters attend fires in the home, many of which could be avoided through a few seconds’ thought. On occasion the incidents can raise a chuckle from those involved, but the risk to householders is very real and could have disastrous consequences. The top five are:

  1. A washing basket left on a cooker hob
  2. A feather duster left close to a boiler which caught fire
  3. An iron on a floor which set fire to a carpet
  4. A candle used for lighting in a loft
  5. Curling tongs left switched on, on top of the bedcovers in a bedroom
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Narrowly missing out this time were:

Take Good Care

Christine Chisholm, District Manager for Middlesbrough, explains:

“Cleveland Fire Brigade has seen a significant reduction in the number of house fires in recent years, which we attribute to our work around community safety such as Home Fire Safety Visits and the fitting of smoke alarms in domestic property. However, there now seems to be an increase in the number of incidents relating to the type of fire cased by people being a bit forgetful or perhaps distracted.  We would urge people to learn from these examples and remember to take a few seconds to think about what they are doing." Source: Cleveland Fire Brigade

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