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Merkur Tunnel Fire Rescue Vehicle

The world's first electric drive tunnel rescue vehicle 'Merkur' with two driver cabins was presented to the press and public for the first time last month.

Potential new customers and many journalists experienced the Merkur live during a simulated rescue action in the Croatian Ucka Tunnel.

First, the German fire fighting vehicle manufacturer Ziegler explained the reasons for the development of the Merkur. The two cabs allow drive in both directions, without turning around. A special highlight is that the rescue vehicle is powered by two electric engines which require no oxygen. Thus, the Merkur vehicle can be also driven if there is a lack of oxygen in the tunnel.

Merkur Tunnel Fire Rescue Vehicle

Afterwards the Croatian motorway operator Bina Istra provided the participants with an insight on the operational location of the Merkur in the security and control center of the five kilometer long Ucka Tunnel. In the presentation that followed, the technical innovations of the Merkur were explained, as for example the
extreme ease of operation of the vehicle. The driver just has to move the control lever on forward or reverse and press the throttle.

During a simulated rescue action in the tunnel the participants also experienced live the interaction of both driver cabs. Only one driver cab can be in action at one time, this means that at activation of a chosen driver cab the other one will be automatically deactivated. Hence, the driver can change cabs without worrying about additional operations, for example no worries about the position of the steering wheel. Once a cabin is activated, the steering wheel of the deactivated cabin is hydraulically moved to centre position and locked. Crossing from one cab to the other can be done directly through the mid-section rescue chamber.

The journalists present were impressed by the body and tires protection system of the Merkur. A fine water fog is produced all around the vehicle and at all wheels so that it can approach the source of fire to a distance of up to one meter. Source: Fire Direct

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