Online Fire Training

Whether relaxing on the beach or sat at the computer at work, your staff can access our online training from any PC at any time. All they need is internet access and their thinking cap.

We offer online fire safety awareness training, which will give your staff a greater awareness of the hazards presented by a fire and increase their knowledge in practical fire safety measures. We also offer online fire warden training, which will ensure your delegates can manage the day to day fire safety and housekeeping issues whilst ensuring that, in the event of a fire, they control an effective evacuation of your premises.

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Online Fire Safety Training

Fire Training - It's Never Been So Flexible

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Childcare Risk Assessment template £12

FREE Fire Safety Log Book


If you want to get all your staff trained/refreshed in the basics of fire safety and don’t want to sit through face to face practical training every year – this (online fire safety training) is a good option (David Withers, Deputy Headteacher, Beaminster School)

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Fire Risk Assessors - London (North & South), Midlands, Greater Manchester/Yorkshire

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