Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Selecting a competent fire risk assessor is a very important decision and one in which you get what you pay for, i.e. pay peanuts, get monkeys. It is important to get your fire safety responsibilities right when choosing a competent person to carry out risk assessments.

Speaking at FIREX International last month, Simon Ince (of Warrington Certification) warned against the temptation to use a cheap fire risk assessor.

He said: "People want bargains. They want absolute rock bottom prices for high-quality stuff, and what they don't seem to appreciate is that, if you pay £25 for a risk assessment, there's a reason you're paying £25 for a risk assessment. It's probably rubbish -- probably not worth the paper it's printed on."

The process of selecting a competent person can often be like "comparing apples with oranges," he said, and people don't realize that there is a difference among risk assessors.

Ince also told businesses that they need to keep an auditable trail of how they selected a fire risk assessor, should an incident occur and a prosecution under the relevant fire regulations be brought. If something goes wrong, a risk assessor can be blamed only if you can prove you received strong assurances that the assessor was competent. Saying that you simply picked the assessor out from the Yellow Pages won't be good enough.

A fire risk assessor is doing a life safety service for you, so "you have to take a bit more due diligence in that process." Source: IFSEC Global

Our Perspective

It is the opinion of SM(UK) that choosing a competent fire risk assessor is one of the most important decisions that will be taken by a business, as with the FRA you also purchase access to expert opinion and guidance which you cannot put a value on. You do not want to appear in a court of law with a FRA which is not sufficient or suitable. Find out about our competent, experienced assessors...

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