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Scottish fire deaths up 10%

Bad news comes despite fall in house fires

Provisional figures from the Scottish Government have shown an increase in fire deaths, despite a 17% reduction in the total number of fires.

Figures for 2011-12 show that there were 57 fatalities, an increase of 5 on the previous year. The total number of fires fell to 32,204, down from 38,970 in 2010-11.

Primary fires – that is all fires in non-derelict buildings and outdoor structures, fires involving casualties or rescues or any fires with more than five appliances in attendance – account for 39% of fires, with the remaining 58% being classed as secondary fires.

The leading cause of fatal fires was smoking materials with 21 of the 47 deaths (45%) in accidental dwelling fires as a result of ‘smokers’ materials and matches’.

Accidental dwelling fires overall were down to a ten year low of 5,116 with 17% as a result of impairment due to suspected alcohol and/or drugs use.

Roseanna Cunningam, community safety minister, said: "It is thanks to the work of fire and rescue services - which I have seen fantastic examples of in schools, workplaces and communities - that house fires are continuing to decrease across Scotland and lives are being saved.

"It is a tragedy however that lives continue to be lost to fire every year. Once again, alcohol and/or drugs were suspected to have been a factor in at least one in six accidental house fires. Although other key figures in this publication indicate an improving awareness of the danger of fire in our homes, this underlines that a link remains between alcohol, drug use and fire.” Source: Info4Fire

Type 3 Fire Risk Assessments

We have considerable experience in delivering type 3 fire risk assessments for flats, which is where issues around fire detection can be identified. A type 3 fire risk assessment goes beyond the scope of the Fire Safety Order by considering the fire precautions, such as means of escape and fire detection in flats in addition to the communal areas. Basically, the fire risk assessor will assess the flats as well as the communal areas, provided the tenant and landlord are in agreement.

For more information regarding type 3 fire risk assessments, call our Compliance Team on 01524 784356.

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