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April 2015

Escape Plan Revisited

Fire Safety and the Law 10 Years On"; $meta_description = "Last year we looked at why it was a good idea for the safety of your family to have an escape plan in case of a fire in the home. We felt it was worth revisiting and updating this as there is nothing more important to most people than the safety of their loved ones. Read further here...

Fire Safety and the Law 10 Years On

Fire Safety and the Law 10 Years On"; $meta_description = "Around 10 years ago the Regulatory Reform [Fire Safety] Order 2005, and the Fire [Scotland] Act 2005 (with the associated Fire Safety [Scotland] Regulations 2006) replaced and vastly simplified the previous mishmash of assorted regulations and law. Read further here...

Fire Doors - bit of a nuisance?

We see them everywhere, in offices, public buildings, shops, restaurants, everywhere? But what is the point of fire doors and do we really need them? Read further here...

March 2015

Changing Fire Service

A new range of smaller, cheaper and faster fire engines are making an appearance in fire brigades Read further here...

The wrong responsible person could cost you dearly...

The government says you must keep a written record of your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) if your business has 5 or more people. Read further here...

February 2015

Fundamentals of extinguishing a fire

Not wishing to condescend or teach anyone how to ‘suck eggs’ (where does that phrase come from?) but here follow some basic tips on how to put a fire out. Read further here...

January 2015

Extinguishers in the home

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? If not, why not? A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are much cheaper than you may think and they could just save your life... Read further here...

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