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December 2014

Care with electric fires in the home

An electrical fire can be a convenient and quick source of heat on a cold day. Particularly for the less well off or elderly who do not have or are unable to afford to constantly run central heating. For some people it is the only source of heat they have. Read further here...

Will you wake up if there is a fire?

Do you need smoke alarms in your home? Or, can you rely upon your own senses to alert you to the dangers of a fire? It is a good question and not one with an easy answer... Read further here...

November 2014

Tied Pubs - Shackles or Opportunity?

Much is being written about this in the news. The commons vote to remove the beer-tie. Some see this as a victory for David against the ruthless Goliath. Read further here...

Kitchen fires in the home

Perhaps not surprisingly a large number of fires in the home start in the kitchen. What you should know. Read further here...

Candles: Friend or foe?

There is little doubt that in centuries past the candle was our friend, an essential tool for providing light, particularly before the advent of gas lights and subsequently electric lights. But are they our friend any longer...? Read further here...

October 2014

Corporate manslaughter and the manager...

Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Culpable Homicide Act 2007 (enacted April 2008) your business could be liable to be prosecuted for manslaughter or culpable homicide if anyone was to die at your place of work? Read further here...

Have you got a plan?

Most people do not worry about fire. The risk of being involved in one and the potentially fatal consequences is not something that weighs on most people’s minds. Read further here...

September 2014

Scheme supporting landlords and tenants launched

A scheme supporting landlords and helping drive up the quality of housing for tenants across the county’s private rented sector launched Read further here...

Fire safety clarity call by father of Sophie Rosser

As reported on the BBC News website a man whose daughter died in an apartment block blaze wants clearer rules on fire safety responsibility. Read further here...

Student rental market showing positive signs

In July 2014 the accommodation for students website issued a press release confirming that student letting was buoyant with over 70% of properties already let ahead of the new academic year starting in September. Read further here...

Chimney Fires - precautions to take

The summer will end soon. As the evenings get cooler it is tempting to start a 'real' fire if you have an open fireplace or perhaps a wood-burning stove. Nothing wrong with that, of course, a warm flickering fire is just the thing to banish the chill. Read further here...

August 2014

Are fire-fighter strikes hurting reputation?

It appears we are seeing headlines about fire-fighters striking more often these days. Is this possibly damaging the enviably good reputation of the fire-service? Read further here...

Be fire safe! Watch out for the ‘little things’ around the home

We see headlines like, Supermarket burns down following gas explosion, and worry that gas can indeed be dangerous and perhaps we should get the 12 year old central heating boiler checked. And, you should! Read further here...

July 2014

New law will save more lives say fire chiefs

New figures which show that fire deaths and injuries are continuing to fall have been welcomed by Fire Chiefs who have called on the Government to help ensure the trends continue. Read further here...

Fire safe homes attract the best tenants

Hands up all those who would like to burn to death or suffer headaches, nausea, toxicity of the central nervous system and then death..... If you raised your hand, firstly you are rather odd and should seek help; secondly this article is not for you. Read further here...

Agent fined £28,000 for inadequate fire protection

A well known property managing agent has been fined £28,000 for failing to protect tenants from the risk of fire.Read further here...

June 2014

Man charged over carbon monoxide deaths

A man whose partner and her daughter died last year from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on their boat has been charged with manslaughter through gross negligence.Read further here...

Manchester firms fined heavily

Two Tameside businesses who flouted fire safety regulations at their premises in Ashton-under-Lyne have been fined £13,000 and ordered to pay £6,000 in costs.Read further here...

The killer in your home

Carbon monoxide (CO) is colourless, odourless and tasteless. In sufficient quantities it can result in headaches, nausea, toxicity of the central nervous system and death. It occurs when incomplete combustion occurs, usually due to insufficient oxygen.Read further here...

May 2014

70% of businesses fail after a fire?

Over 70% of businesses involved in a major fire either do not reopen, or subsequently fail within 3 years of the fire. Or so the story goes....Read further here...

AoC Annual Health and Safety Conference 2014

The Association of Colleges annual conference provides a valuable overview of recent, important Health & Safety developments, together with an insight into national and AoC-led current initiatives. Read the full story...

April 2014

Fire Risk Assessment ignored costs firm £100,000 plus costs

The managing agent of a block of flats in London has been fined £100,000 and ordered to pay almost £13,000 in costs after pleading guilty to breaches of fire safety law. Read the full story...

New Fire Guidance for Scottish Care Homes

The Scottish Government has published new guidance aimed at reducing fire risks in care homes across the country. Read the full story...

Hotel Beautician Engulfed in Fireball

A Lancashire hotel has admitted health and safety failings after a beautician suffered serious burns when she was engulfed in flames. Read the full story...

24Dash Covers Our Landlords's Register Call

Our call for the creation of a private sector landlords’ register to help protect millions of tenants across the UK has been covered by, the UK's most up-to-date social housing and public sector news website. Visit their website to see the full story...

Burning Rubber?

Porsche has issued a recall of the latest incarnation of the 911 GT3 after two of the sports cars caught fire. Read the full story...

March 2014

Shelter: Living Conditions Petition

The charity Shelter states that there are 9 million people in rented accommodation in the UK. They also state that there are a significant number in poor conditions. We at Safety Management (UK) back their call for accommodation to be in a better condition and would ask that it is taken one step further with a National Landlords Register. This would help local authorities and charities easily identify good and bad housing and allow for positive enforcement of basic standards.

Sign the Shelter petition here...

Seven Fatal Fire Factors

Fire services in the South West of England have joined together to identify the seven fatal factors that link most home fire deaths in the region. With the societal cost of a fire death in the home estimated at more than £1.65 million, HM Coroner Ian Arrow says the findings of the CFOA South West Fire Investigation Group will prove "invaluable in identifying high risk individuals, who would benefit from inter-agency intervention". Read the full story...

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning creates need for National Landlords Register

We are calling for a credible National Landlords Register to be implemented after new research in The Scotsman suggests that 5% of those in private rented accommodation in Scotland have suffered Carbon Monoxide(CO) poisoning in the last five years. Read more on this at our LinkedIn page...

February 2014

UCLan Careers Event

We were proud to be invited along to exhibit at the UCLan careers event last week entitled 'The Workplace: Getting In and Getting On'. See here for a couple of photos...

Positive Feedback

Always good to hear that you are happy with the service we provide. This week we've had two nice emails in response to training courses we delivered. Have a read of them here...

Let's Recycle - Combating fires at waste sites

Our MD Brian was invited to write a blog article for Let's Recycle on fire prevention at waste sites, following a spate of serious blazes at sites across the country. We hope this detailed and informative article will prove very useful to waste recycling sites. See the resulting article here...

Safety Management (UK) Goes West

Our campaign for laws mandating sprinkler systems in high-rise apartments, care homes, shelters and public assistance housing has been picked up by Long Term Living in the USA. Long Term Living is the leading magazine for the care home sector in the USA, with an audience reach of 245,455 owners, managers and other industry professionals. Read the article here...

January 2014

Caring Times Coverage - Sprinklers for Care Homes

Our call for all care homes in the UK to install sprinkler fire extinguishing systems has received coverage at and in Caring Times: See the article here...

Forget page 3 girls, Brian is our page 3 boy in Recycling and Waste World

The January issue of Recycling and Waste World is running an article from Safety Management (UK) looking at how to avoid fire safety hazards in the recycling industry. This is of particular significance, given the recent spate of fires at recycling plants across the UK. See the article here...

Checkmate - Passive Fire Protection Seminar

We are pleased to announce that our Managing Director, Brian Gregory, will be speaking at Checkmate Passive Fire Protection Seminar at West Yorkshire Fire Headquarters, Birkenshaw on Wednesday 12 February 2014

Brian has been invited to speak at this industry-leading event on the subject of Fire Risk Assessment & the Future.

In Brian's words: "The country is getting used to undertaking fire risk assessments (FRA), in the main.  The challenges that face the industry now are the advances of technology and how it integrates with a practical activity, i.e. you can't do an FRA sat down! There is also a need for companies to be in control and to have control of their own FRA. This presents a challenge as to how we support this blended approach to FRA, whilst helping property portfolio owners interact and do the work that their FRAs throw up in the significant findings."

Yorkshire Press Coverage - Recycling Plant Fire

Following the interview by Brian, our MD, on BBC Radio Leeds last week (see below), we received some positive press coverage in the Yorkshire Post including our call safety improvements at all recycling plants. See the article here (we're about half way down)

Radio Leeds Interview with Brian Gregory, MD

Great interview by Brian, our MD, on BBC Radio Leeds on 17th January. They got in touch to ask his expert opinion on the tyre fire in Yorkshire which is currently visible from space. Listen to the interview here: (skip to 1hr 54mins)

Don't let the triangle of fire happen in your business!

It's hard to believe that a cigarette butt and dried pot plant leaves almost took out this business in England but it did! If you know about the triangle of fire and have had decent fire training then you will appreciate that keeping the 3 parts of the fire triangle apart will save your business and your life into the bargain.

Nursing Home Staff Left Residents in Rooms During Fire

Two nursing home owners have been fined for committing offences under the RRO after staff left elderly residents in their rooms during a late night fire despite getting out themselves. More details...

Fire Marshall Bill

Fire safety from Jim Carey....a perfect example of what not to do. Enjoy!

Former Care Home Owner Admits Fire Safety Breach

Richard Dickinson, who lives in Runcorn, admitted three counts of breaching a fire safety order before Chester Crown Court in December. An investigation into the Rangermore care home revealed major shortfalls in fire safety which led to this prosecution, according to the Knutsford Guardian. More details...

Basement Fire in Cheltenham Pub

The Bayshill Pub was evacuated at 19:00 GMT after a fire started in the basement on 5th January 2014. Four fire engines and 20 firefighters rushed to the scene to tackle the blaze, according to the Gloucestershire Echo. Nobody is believed to have been injured in the fire, which started in the fuse board in the cellar. More details...

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