Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Order 2005

The Fire Safety Order 2005 has brought about some changes for business, and has reinforced some old ideas, such as fire risk assessment. A key result of this new legislation is that there is now a requirement for you to manage your own day-to-day fire safety arrangements. We have the expertise to ensure that you comply with current legislation.

Insight into the Fire Safety Order

This fire safety webcast is the result of a joint operation between Safety Management (UK) and Cumbria Fire Service. It features our very own Brian Gregory in conversation with a Fire Officer.

Responsible Person:

This is the person that has control of the business or workplace.

The responsible person is now a named individual that will be held responsible for any breaches of the new legislation. If you are wondering who this may be, the person that signs the Health & Safety Policy may be an obvious choice.

This does not mean that this person has to have fire safety knowledge, they can nominate another competent person to carry out these duties. However, the law is now designed to ensure that it is still the responsible person that will be held accountable.

Competent Person:

This role is filled ideally by someone within your organisation. However, should you not have anyone suitable you can outsource this facility.

You will however already have a number of competent persons assisting your organisation, for example the companies that services your fire extinguishers (annually), fire alarm, and emergency lighting. You must ensure they complete your Fire Safety Log Book after each visit.

Fire Safety Log Book

Free Fire Safety Log Book

Our fire safety log book is designed to assist you in complying with the Fire Safety Order by acting as a record of the testing of fire safety features and equipment contained within your premises, along with a programme of fire safety training for your staff. The information contained is for your guidance only and should form part of your fire risk assessment, also required by the Fire Safety Order.

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FREE Fire Safety Log Book


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